Transport connection: Kiev, Kharkov, Vienna


After your arrival to Kiev airport , you may choose any kind of transport to get to Kharkov: taxi, plane, bus or train.


altTaxi must be the most comfortable way to get to Kharkov. First of all no waiting, no check in and fillings in. Our professional driver will meet you right at the airport with the name board and take you safely to our city. All our drivers speak good English and will show you and tell a little about the main places of interest on the way. They drive new, comfortable cars, so be sure your trip will be fast, pleasant and comfortable.

You can write to Viber or call us and we will send our driver for you to Borispol Airport (Kiev).

+38 050 9087495

+38 050 4023591

Please note: If you want to get from Kiev to Kharkov by taxi please let us know about it in advance (at least 10 hours and more).



You may buy tickets in airport "Borispil'" in Kiev after your arrival.

There are two trains per day. It will take 5:50 to get to Kharkov.

Schedule of Kiev-Kharkov (Kharkov-Kiev) express train:

Train # Departure Arrival
#161 Kharkov-Kiev 7:05 12:55
#162 Kiev-Kharkov17:3023:20
#163 Kharkov-Kiev 16:27 22:17
#164 Kiev-Kharkov 6:33 12:28



The trip by overnight train is long but at least you may have a good sleep during this time.

#63, #64 (night train, you can sleep) Kiev-Kharkov (Kharkov-Kiev)

Departure time from Kiev Central Railway Terminal: 10.30 p.m.,

Arrives in Kharkov : 6.25 a.m.

Schedule of Kiev-Kharkov (Kharkov-Kiev) overnight train:

Train #DepartureArrival
#63 Kharkov-Kiev22:507:15
#64 Kiev-Kharkov22:256:21
3. BY BUS:

"Autolux"  bus transportation company works in all directions including Kiev - Kharkov. The buses are usually new and comfortable. But the trip is quite long and sitting at the same place makes it more exhausting. You may buy tickets in airport "Boryspil'" after arrival and take a bus right in Boryspil'.

time to destination approximately  6.5-7 hours.

Timetable of Kiev-Kharkov bus:
Kiev Borispol Kharkov
07:20 07:50 14:40
11:00 11:30 18:35
12:00 12:30 19:35
15:15 15:45 22:45
17:00 17:30 00:25
22:15 22:50 06:05

Timetable of Kharkov-Kiev bus:
Kharkov Borispol Kiev
07:20 14:10 14:50
12:30 19:15 20:00
16:15 23:00 23:35
21:30 04:45 05:25
22:30 05:45 06:25
23:30 06:10 06:45

Plane has always been the fastest kind of transport. With the price of about $90 it will take you a little more than 1 hour to get to Kharkov. The biggest disadvantages are standing again in long lines, waiting and incompatibility with your flight time.

Flight schedule Borispol-Kharkov, Istanbul-Kharkov, Warcaw-Kharkov, 

Warcaw - Kharkov one flight per day
Kharkov-Kiev several flights per day
Kiev-Kharkov several flights per day
Istanbul - Kharkov several flights per day
Kharkov - Istanbulseveral flights per day


Payments for tickets should be paid in the Ukrainian currency Grivna according to currency rate.

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