Services and unusual gifts

If you want to break the standards and be original in expression of love to your woman, our company will help you to bring her dream into life. We offer a range of unusual, original gifts which can melt the heart of any woman.

alt1.  "Reach the sky"

People have always been charmed with the beauty of birds flight and been wondering what there is in the sky. Some feelings are impossible to describe, the only way is to try yourself. Give your woman the whole sky. You think it is impossible?-It is not. A flight in mini plane will leave unforgettable traces in her memory.


2. "Professional shooting"

Each woman dreams to pose in front of a camera and feel like a model at least once in her life. Besides she can share this gift with you. Imagine your woman looking from the pictures like a professional model, beautiful, seductive and charming- object of pride for every man.

3. Face and body care, Spa programs:

"Spa manicure"

If you look back into history, beautiful hands have always been a sign good manners and belonging to nobility. The woman will definitely appreciate your care. Besides this procedure is very pleasant and relaxing.


"Spa Express Beauty"

Healthy and nice skin is a token of attractiveness and confidence. Sometimes when looking at a woman one can never say what makes her so special: her eyes, lips or nose. But what everybody notices is shining and fresh complexion.

"Chocolate delight"

Do you think that chocolate is only to eat? What about being spread with chocolate all over your body? Of course very addicted sweet tooth can lick it:) Embraces of black chocolate rejuvenate and nourish skin, remove toxins, render antistress action. Amazing aroma makes forget about everything but not you!  THE MOST POPULAR ORDER

"Coconut Paradise"

This sophisticated gift affords true pleasure and sensation of being in the seventh heaven. Skin looks young, shining, tender, nourished with vitamins and minerals. Russian massage with coconut oil eliminated tiredness, muscles tension and gives light step and bright mind.

"Running Water"

is a perfect gift for a real lady. The whole day in the Spa salon will take your lady to the ocean of pleasure. The program of the day includes: relaxing face and body care using profession cosmetics, massage, manicure and pedicure. Ending the day with hair styling and make up.

"Spa Aroma Corps"

grants an opportunity to enjoy this program based on everlasting beauty receipt using pearl bath filled with flower petals and massage.

4. For you both:

There are many activities which a couple can do together. We offer you the most interesting ones:

altHorse riding

It is an alternative for active people who love animals and nature. Fresh air, gracious animals, birds singing, nature...and a woman of your dream.

"On the Seventh Heavens"

Air trip gives unbelievable pleasure of enjoyment being in the depth of the sky. You will feel like a real airtraveller. Baloon will slowly change height, every time opening your eyes new . Just imagine, you will fly past trees and light white clouds at a distance of your arm. The feeling of free flight can literally overshadow routine problems and fuss and gives participants unforgettable emotions.

"All-Terrain Vehicle Safari"
It is an exciting ride on all passable motor vehicles across fields and through forests, ensued by picnic in the fresh air and great impressions. 
"Sushi party"

If both of you are fans of Japanese culture and cuisine, the evening spent in the atmosphere of Oriental world will add special charm and spirit to your date.

"Romantic night in the countryside hotel"

When relations of two people in love are in full swing, they always seek for quietness and solitude. Intimate atmosphere and silent nature will best suit to say the words of love ...and make a proposal.


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