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Communication through the Internet is different in many ways from live conversation especially when people belong to different cultures. In this section we want to share some information and give tips on how to start and handle enjoyable communication with a lady. First of all you should compose intro letter about yourself. Set forth basic information about you and the facts you believe will contribute to making a good impression on ladies. You may send intro letters to several ladies so try to be general.

As your communication will develop, try not to make very gaps between next letters because a lady may think you are not interested enough in her and the impression will be spoiled.

The content of the letters is surely individual and we can't intervene in it, but we just advise you not to be pushy and let the correspondence develop in a slow pace.

Our agency has a number of services which make communication more exciting and helpful, like chats with web cam and interpreter if needed, matchmaking, natural photos. If you have any doubts or questions, don't delay them until your arrival.

Signs of attention

When people live on different ends of the world, it is quite hard to prove seriousness of intentions to each other. Romantic letters and beautiful words can partially compensate this function, but not completely. People value sincerity of the words by actions of their second halves. What actions can be made if you can see the other person only in your dreams? The answer is- signs of attention. Women all around the world are the same in one thing - they all love gifts! If you forget to order her a gift on her birthday or another significant holiday, don't expect this will make you closer. Female nature is different from male, this is a fact. So take it into account and try to understand feelings of the opposite sex. We don't mean you send any precious gifts. Each man knows his opportunities and acts according to his up-bringing and social status but be sure flowers or a box of sweets won't be left unnoticed! We are not what we are saying, but what we are doing!


Young, attractive and full of energy ladies are a great temptation for a man at any age. This is a very individual issue but we are just calling you to be wise in order to avoid mistakes and disappointments in the future. If mutuality is not an empty sound for you, if you value true devotion and love from a woman, try not to pick ladies with a big age difference between you. No matter how good you look, how healthy and sporty you are, if she is too young, you will belong to different generations. Maybe at first your marriage will be more or less happy but later nature will take its due, you will be aging and she will be still full of energy and beauty. Don't let another disappointment happen in your life!


Meeting in Kharkov

If you are uncertain about the lady you are coming to or you feel you have incompatibilities hard to overcome, arrange for meeting another lady. This will increase your chance to meet the right person, the one you were looking for. If you intend to meet with one lady only, don't forget to bring her flowers for the first date:) 


Don't send ladies money unless you are going to get married and sure that she needs money for expenses connected with coming to your country (visa, tickets, etc.) . Before sending money to a lady please let us know about it, unless we are not responsible for it. We check out our ladies but we are not able to cut you off dishonest ones. Our services are completely free for the ladies (from letters to photos) and there are no expenses needed from her to communicate with you. It is normal when a man supports his woman financially in Ukraine. But if you don't know the lady well enough, don't hurry up to give her money.

The agency is not responsible for the result of your meetings with ladies. 

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