What if I want to meet a lady without having preliminary correspondence with her?

You can e-mail us basic information about yourself with some pictures attached. Before you come we will show this to the lady (or ladies) you are interested in to make sure she (they) will be able to meet with you.

Can I cancel a meeting if it has been already appointed?

If the date and time for the meeting have been discussed with the lady and fixed, you can't cancel the meeting unless there is a good reason (illness and other Force Major (Force Majeur) circumstances).

How long should a date take?

This is a very individual issue. In fact, when you talk about where and when a date must take place, you should recollect your experience of a date in your country. The countries may be different in respect of their traditions and history but regarding day-to-day activities and human relationships they are very similar. If this lady is special for you, you can ask for making preliminary reservation at the restaurant, or just decide on a place to go out jointly with the lady. The length of the date is different for different people. As long as you feel excited and comfortable and get the same feedback from the lady, stay where you are:)

Can I ask for lady's contact information after I have met her?

If you had a date with a lady, you may ask for her contact information directly from her. Make sure she wants this too. We are not able to share contact infrormation of ladies.

Are there any cultural places to go in Kharkov?

Yes, there are several museums, theatres, some galleries there. But you should first check if there are any performances available.

Is it possible that a lady from your data base come to meet with me to another city, Kiev, for example?

It is possible. If the lady agrees to come to another city, you are supposed to pay for her trip and to pay for the interpreter service if needed.

What holidays are men supposed to give presents on?

You may give presents any day of course, but you must not ignore your lady's birthday, Women's Day and St.Valentine's Day.

Can I give cash as a gift?

If you want to make a gift for a lady you can send flowers, sweets, but not money. If you send money directly to your lady without letting the agency know about it we are not resposible for this. 

What is the best present on birthday?

It depends on a lady, her taste and priorities. If you are at loss what to buy, you'd better ask her in order to make the most appropriate gift.

How soon can I make a proposal?

Again, this is a matter of personality. There are women who expect to hear a proposal several days after the first date. This also depends on the fact if you had correspondence with her before, how well you know the lady. Other ladies, on the opposite, prefer to get to know the man well, to spend a lot of time with him before getting married. There is no definite answer to this question. Just follow your heart.

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