Testimonials from our clients.

Lee Hendricks (USA)

My friend if you are looking at this website you have already discovered how beautiful Ukrainian women are. But their inner qualities are even more beautiful with tender hearts, family oriented and postive attitudes, Ukrainian women are truly heaven sent. The city of Kharkov is filled with women of such qualities. There are many marriage agencies available to help with your search, but none match the professionalism, integrity and honesty of the Kharkov Agency. I have dealt with the owners Lilia and Asya on several occasions and they have been both interpreters, tour guide and matchmaker, and their knowledge and concern is of great help when you are in a foreign land. Bringing happy couples together is not just a job for Lilia and Asya, it is their passion. I met my fiancee through the Kharkov Agency and we look forward to the challenges and rewards of our life together. The Kharkov Agency can help make your dream come true.

Joseph (Dallas PA USA)

To future clients of the Kharkiv Marriage Agency.

If you are truly looking for a nice lady for marriage you have come to the right place.

I decided years ago that I didn't want to marry anyone from America, the culture and family values that I was looking to find just don't exist here anymore.  You'll see many agencies on the internet, some are honest, and I can tell you most are not.   Here you don't have to worry, I have been working with the Kharkiv agency since October of 2007 and can assure you that the agency is very respectable and the women who belong to it are real. You don't have to worry about being scammed here.

The first time I arrive in kharkiv was May of 2008, it was my first time in the Ukraine. Since then I've traveled there many times. I was met at the kharkiv airport by Lilia, the agency  manager and the lady I had been writing to and talked to on video chats since October. It is up to you if you want to write to several ladies and meet them in kharkiv and decide who you are interested in. In my case I wrote exclusively to one lady as I had an immediate connection with her.

Lilia found me a quality apartment at a good price. And as I remember even shopped around to and found me a better apartment near the metro for a lower price. I can tell you the the agency, Lilia Asya and Anna, go out of their way to help you with anything you need. And are available to you at any time via cell phone, even after hours if needed. Where else can you find service like that! The office is easy to find, right in the city center square by the metro exit.

You will find kharkiv a very nice city and there are many parks nice cafes and prices are very good.  You won't run out of interesting things to do there. I like the city very much and plan to be moving there soon. Its very easy to get around the city. You can take a taxi anywhere for a few dollars, The metro, or subway, can get you all over the city  for a few cents and is easy to use, even if you don't speak good russian.  Tokens are now available in vending machines.

You find Lilia, Asya and Anna very helpful and their translation skills are excellent.  I've sure with their assistance you will find  the woman of your dreams. And Kharkiv is a nice place to come back to visit friends and family too, another good thing to keep thing to keep in mind. If you would like to take your special a lady on a vacation. The Kharkiv agency is also a registered travel agency. I personally used them for a trip to Egypt and can tell you it was spectacular! Prices are super, I think I paid about $860 per person all inclusive - airfare, resort, food, drinks, airport transfers! You'll never see prices like that in the USA!

I'm looking to marry the lady I met thru this agency and I sure you will be saying the same thing soon yourself!

Good luck to everyone and enjoy your time in the Ukraine :)


Richard Adams (Canada)

Asya and Lilia, your office offers clients conscientious service and good communication, which is very important when a man is taking a lot of time, trouble, and expense to come to Ukraine. Also, your travel agency services are very helpful in taking a trip with a lady and getting to know her better.

Arthur, Raleigh (North Carolina, USA)

I have found that Asya and Liliya are excellent translators and have arranged meetings with nice ladies who are down to earth and not trying to “pick your pocket”.  I am grateful for their help getting around Kharkov,  seeing the tourist sites in that city,  and making travel connections for other parts of the Ukraine.

Jeff Andrews (The USA)

I just wanted to take a moment to thank you for your excellent service. I recently returned from a trip to Kharkov and met with Lilia and Asya at Kharkovmarriageagency.com. They were extremely helpful and considerate. I met many wonderful girls. Lilia and Asya did a great job getting everything scheduled. I continue to use that office to video chat with an amazing woman I met with the help of your site. It has been quite a whirlwind. Hopefully one day Elena and I may be your next success story. Only time will tell. I will keep you poseted on our progress and really just wanted to let you know how well you are being represented by Lilia and Asya.

Thanks Again!

Jeff Wilkinson - Christchurch (New Zealand)

I have recently returned from my first trip to Ukraine.  While I was there, I spent most of my time Kharkov. I want to let you know what a great job the Kharkov Marriage Agency did for me while I was there.

Lilia and Asya were fantastic.  They made sure that I met all the women on my list with the agency and they were always available to translate, help me organise travel, or give me advice when I needed it.   They took time to get to know me, to help me understand Ukraine, and to understand what sort of woman would be right for me.

I had also arranged to meet three women independently (ie not through the agency).  I was really impressed - and very appreciative - that Lilia and Asya gave me just as much help and advice with these women as with the ones from the agency.  This was very important to me, and it meant that I was able to get the most out of my time in Kharkov (and rely on their judgement from time to time!!).   In fact, I am still in touch with one of these women…she is wonderful and I think we are meant to be together.

So my life has changed as a result of my trip to Kharkov and I thank Lilia and Asya for helping in such a big way to make it all possible.  I intend to stay in contact, I will make sure I see them again on my next trip to Ukraine and I totally recommend them to any man looking for love in Ukraine.

Yours sincerely

John Breslin (America)

After a very long learning process with a foreign culture & understanding the people & culture of Ukraine more, Internet matchmaking does work. I have met a Wonderful women who showed a true interest in me & America & has a open mind to explore new ideas & for us to work together as a true team & loving couple. This is what personal chemistry is all about. I place a advertisement in a local newspaper in Kharkov,Ukraine with the Kharkov marriage agency doing the screening for me as Lilia & her group of interpreters knows me personally. Lilia takes a personal interest in what she loves to do, that is to make both the men & women fit & be happy together. I believe that I & my lady will be very happy in the near future as she is coming to America can be a challenge for both of us. However true love survives all such small things. Like the love of Romano & Juliet!!

Geir-Martin (Norway)

I am happy I have found my life partner. Thank  you Asya, Lilia , Anna for all your help. Katya is a wonderful girl and I love her much and she will be a good wife for me.

Juan (Spain)

Thanks for all the arrangements!!!

Just a dream comes true. Yulia is a wonderful woman and I love her very much.


"Hi everyone. I want to say thanks very much for all the effort you did to help me make Kharkov feel like home. Not only did you make sure I had all the things I needed day to day but provided me with a great and knowledgeable translator too. I will defintely be contacting you again when I return to Kharkov to make arrangements! You definitely did more than most would have!"

Thank you!


Hello, first of all, thanks you very much for all facilities. Specially thanks toTatiana because she help me very much, and, of course, she suggested me to have a meeting with Oksana. Yes, you are right, I like her very,very much. She is really the exactly kind of woman I am looking for. Its posible that I will come back to Kharkov in a few weeks in order to know her better, and maybe she will come to my country in a next future.
I will be in contact with the agency. Repeat, thanks for all.
Best wishes

Dirk (Belgium)

I found Kharkov Marriage Agency on the internet and some lady profiles interested me. My first visit to Kharkov was rather short (only 4 days). The agency arranged an apartment and the transfer from the railway station to the apartment. The first day, Asya and Lilia from the agency helped me to find my  way in Kharkov. They arranged the meetings and translated the conversations since most ladies don’t speak English. My first meeting was already successful. After that, I had more meetings with this lady. A few months later, I came back to Kharkov. Now,  we have build a serious relationship with nice prospects for the future.

All together, I can say that Asya and Lilia do their job in a professional way. They helped me to feel comfortable during the first days. As a stranger, you get all the necessary help. And most important, they know the ladies well and they are ready to give you some advice.


Brian Duval

I have been using Kharkov Marriage Agency for letter writing, video chats and meetings. Lilia and Asya have been very helpful and friendly. They have steered me away from some ladies both with letters and meetings that they did not think would be good matches for me. It’s good to know they just didn’t take the money they could have had for these services. But actually gave me advice on ladies they thought would be better suited for me. They also were able to provide information about various services and stores around the city when I needed assistance. They have been quick to provide services and respond to inquiries. I have not found this quick response with some agencies in other cities. It is one reason I chose to go to Kharkov and have also used them to provide services for me in other cities. You don’t have to worry about their honesty. And they are available after hours by cell phone for anything that comes up. I recommend them."
Thank you for your help.

From David R

Greetings from Gig Harbor Washington!
I had such a wonderful time with you all.  Thank you.  I finally read through your site and it certainly matches your service, very open and honest.  I was at the right place. You are a very professional and hard working women and deserve success.
I appreciated the personal ride to Kiev from Vitally but should have kept my eyes closed more often.  He got me there in one piece and with time to spare but I don't know how.  For future reference, one hour would have been plenty of time at least at that time of the morning.  He's a very good man and you should hold on to him.
Also, I'd like to stay in touch with Elena too.  She is a tremendous asset to your service and was a pure delight to work with.

From Mark

I want to thank you so much for the hospitality and the women I met. I had a wonderful time and if the good lord is with me, I will marry one of the ladies i met from your agency.   I feel so lucky!  thanks again,  Mark

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