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  1. Email/Letters/Video & Phone conversations.
  2. Meetings
  3. False engagements/Blacklisting
  4. Refund Policy.
  5. Security deposit/Passports on Apartments, non-shows and refunds
  6. Late Arrival Fee
  7. Photos on web site. Gift photo's, Photo's order
  8. Interpreters from other agencies:
  9. Gifts returns or assistance on getting items back from ladies.
  10. Non-Agency services such as tours, skating, Disco, Theaters and Boat Rentals
  11. Non-Active accounts or Inactive for more then a year. Funds are donated to the children Services

1. Emails/Letters/Video & Phone conversations:

The following items are not allowed and will be removed from any form of contact such as (letters, emails, video chats and phone conversations).

  1. Personal email addresses, phone numbers, web links, home address, basically anything that would allow a lady to contact you directly.
  2. Postal or Physical Addresses and Email address.
  3. Address can be obtained during your meetings with ladies directly from a lady if she wants.
  4. Telephone numbers.
  5. Telephone numbers can be obtained in person from ladies only.
  6. You are not allowed to make meeting arrangements with a lady prior to meeting her in person. All meetings are arranged by the office.

2. Meetings

All meetings will take place in the office, unless other arrangements are made in advance.

No meeting can be arranged via email/video or phone conversations without the consent of the office.

Once you meet the lady in person you may request from her any information you wish. However if she refuses to provide the information to you we can not give it to you.

The agency is not responsible for the result of your meetings with ladies. 

3. False engagements/Blacklisting

Any lady who has more then one active engagement will be removed and banned from the agency.

Any lady who receives three or more complaints from three different guys for scamming and evidence is provided will be posted on our blacklist.

Any lady who enters an agency with the purpose of scamming and proof is provided will be blacklisted.

Note: definition of scamming is someone who provides false information or intentions to a man/women for the purpose of financial gains.

4. Refund Policy

Membership. None, unless a good reason is given.

Meetings / webchats / phone conversations: 100 percent if lady doesn't show. None if you do.

Taxis, 72hr notice required for full refund. Otherwise none.

Apartment rental/cancellation. ZERO REFUND. If you don't show you don't get the money back. Sorry about this but we had too many loses on no shows. 30 day notification required for a refund.

Letters. No refund on delivered letters. (in person or via postal)

5. Security deposit on Apartments (security deposit is used as a reservation deposit prior to your arrival)

1. Security Deposit for apartments: 2 days of staying in an apartment (depending on the cost of an apartment you want to reserve). The security deposit is returned to your client fund.

2. If you arrive without a reservation you must either pay the deposit which will be returned to you or leave your passport in the office safe.

3. The office reserves the right to request any client to leave their passport in the office safe when renting apartment as a security deposit

4. If you fail to show we will attempt to re-rent the apartment for you. If we are unable and you didn't give us more 30 days notice you will loose your deposit. Typically we have to rent other owners apartment to handle our clients needs and we think you agree that it's fair that we don't have to take a loss of income if you decide not to come. Exceptions to this policy is on a case by case. Your security deposit is your reservation deposit until you arrive.

6. Late check in / checkout

Our office hours are 10am to 7pm, Monday - Saturday. If you are arriving after hours there is a $25 late check in fee to meet you at the office/train station/airport/apartment after hours, holidays, Sundays.

7. Photos on web site. Gift photos, Photos order

It is our policy to keep the ladies profile photos as current as possible. Anytime we make contact with a lady in the office we will attempt to update her office profile at the same time. The primary exception to this is when you order photos of your lady. At this time the office will make two different sets. One set will be sent too the client and the other set will be used to update her profile.

8. Interpreters from other agencies:

It is our policy to allow interpreters from other agencies to assist you during your meetings.

9. Gifts returns or assistance on getting items back from ladies.

The agency will no longer assist and request to have items returned that where given as a Gift though the office or as a gift given directly to the ladies. It is the advice of this agency not to give a gift or item that you would ever request returned at a later time if the relationship doesn't work out. Including Engagement rings, computers, jewelry, money or property.

If you buy some gifts for a lady in Kharkov the agency is not responsible for it. 

10. Non-Agency services such as tours, skating, Discos, Theaters

The office will be glad to help you setup any service outside of our agencies service for you. This is a Free service as long as the staff can do it over the phone or via an interpreter. However please NOTE: Due to the local service providers and a HIGH amount of scams we do not guarantee any such services and shall not be held responsible for any failure of such service, over charges or lack of promise service. We will do our best to ensure you are getting what you want. We recommend you not to pay until you received the service and ensure that the amount will not change. Be careful of any service that charges an hourly rate as you will be charge for any overtime. It is the clients responsibility to ensure that he finishs the service at the agreed on time. Otherwise you might get a bill at the end.

12. Abandon or Inactive accounts.

For account that have no activity for more then a year and no refund request. The balance on the account will be donated to the Children Services. A client will have 30 days afterward to request a refund once the funds are transferred.

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