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The key issue which makes people unite is a joint idea. Combined with strength, ambition and belief it can eliminate boarders, destroy barriers and break stereotypes. The team of our agency has grouped up at "UA in Love" Agency with joint idea to make people from different countries meet. For us it is not just business. People whose aim is to make money only choose another spheres deprived of feelings and emotions. This is completely opposite to our marriage agency work. Our team consists of not only professional translators, interpreters, managers, but we are also a little of psychologists. Experience has taught us to be sympathetic to human feelings and emotions. We are able to match people and give personal advice. "UA in love" agency is a fruit of our hard work, patience and incorrigible romanticism.

What makes us different and exclusive from other agencies are two main principles: honesty and individual approach to every client. The first principle is easy to check. We have been working for 7 years now and have proved ourselves as a reliable company. With the use of modern technologies you can verify the trustworthiness of our words by yourself. The other principle is based on getting to know client's world, his wishes and expectations without interfering in his private, personal life. We are first of all listeners! It is important not to get over the limits, maintain a necessary distance but at the same time makes a client feel at ease and relaxed.

When asked, we give a honest answer on which lady could be a good match for this particular man or give general information on lady's character. We are not afraid of describing ladies' traits as everyone in the world has the match. And our mission is to help a man to meet a lady who corresponds to his nature and character the best.

As any new undertaking the life of "UA in Love" agency started with few ladies only. Gradually we have gained trust of more and more ladies who turned for our assistance. Many women have joined our agency on advice of their friends who successfully got married. Whatever the reason, but our women base is continuously being enlarged. We have thought over every detail. Once a lady comes to our agency, she has no need to go to professional photo studio. We have a professional photographer who will take pictures of her right in our office. Another important thing is to make photos look natural as much as possible. Men must know who they are going to meet in person when they come. The information about the ladies is updated regularly, we take care that they describe themselves and a man they are looking in more details to give men fuller understanding of their personality and dreams.

All people have different reasons of getting into international relationship but their goal is the same. There is no secret about why Ukraine has become so attractive for foreign men. It is world known that Ukrainian women are beautiful, very feminine, and family-oriented first of all. This is all about genes, bringing-up and way of life that have an impact on our mentality. Care about the family is inherited from our ancestors and even modern trends couldn't change it.
A lot of words have been said about our team but we are? Let us introduce ourselves:

altLilia  - Open mind, readiness to help and understanding of every client placed her in good repute among the clients. Sympathetic, cheerful, and easy going person you will be glad to deal with again.

Asya - Her easy nature, great character and positiveness make every lady feel like meeting the right person at this marriage agency. Her confidence and belief in good revives ladies with the same emotions.

Ekaterina - translator-interpreter. When having her interpret a meeting, both man and woman feel relaxed. They understand each other as clearly as if they speak the same language.

These three ladies form the backbone of the collective. When they are asked: "What is the secret of your success?", they three answer in one voice-, "No secret- just life". 

Our Service

Our services are the following:

Transfer and apartment
  • We have a large base of apartments for rent in the city center. If you visit our website www.rent-kharkov.com you will be impressed with a great number of apartments to any taste. Contact us through e-mail or telephone and we will reserve that particular apartment for you;
  • hotel room reservation. If you prefer hotels to apartments, we have no problem in reserving a room at any hotel you like;
  • meeting and taking a client to his apartment or hotel. A driver will meet you at the railway station, airport or bus station to bring you to your apartment. Comfortable car and experienced driver will make the transfer short and easy;
  • ticket purchase for any type of transport.
Correspondence and meetings
  • letters translation;
  • arranging meetings;
  • reservation at the restaurant;
  • interpreting at meetings;
  • matchmaking. A good way to get to know a lady much better by asking her questions important for you. It gives quite a full imagination of what kind of person she is and how her personality matches with yours.


  • a man can order any gift from gift selection on our website. He may make it be delivered to lady's home or work, or he may order it to be picked up by a lady in our office. Any gift delivery goes with a picture attached.
  • English lessons. This is a great way to show your seriousness. The number of lessons varies from 5 to unlimited.  
  • PLEASE DON"T SEND MONEY TO A LADY, we are not responsible for this. If you send a gift to a lady (flowers, sweets, etc.) it's a very opportunity to show your interest to a lady. If you send money it can offend a lady. Flowers and sweets are always a great pleasure for any lady :) 
  • Leisure and entertainment
  • individual excursions around Kharkov by taxi provided with interpreter. Or group excursions.
  • traveling abroad with your lady. When relations are in full swing, take holidays and give your lady unforgettable time spent with you at a resort.
  • Visas
  • We assist with visa getting process. We know what documents are required and know how to get them. Your future wife won't have to stand in lines or get nerved as we do everything instead of her.

You can be sure that every service rendered by our agency is made professionally and promptly. You may use any type of payment: Pay Pal, Western Union or pay for a service through our site.



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