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There are several legends about how Kharkov was founded, both contain information about Kharkov, the founder, but it is not yet clear if he was the first inhabitant of the city or cossaks' sotnik robbering mansions of the rich. Whatever the past was, Kharkov became a new settler of a great, large, beautiful and powerful city. Kharkov has always been an industrial city but anyone coming can notice that the air is fresh and clear. Due to greenery policy Kharkov has many parks and green areas for city inhabitants ' recreational time. It is also a city of fountains. The authorities keep on updating old ones, bringing innovations into them (color and musical fountains) and installing new ones. The city is proud of its antique architecture preserved till nowadays. If you look around attentively you will see many creative details, like a statue of a violinist on the top of the building in the city center.

But what actually creates the atmosphere of any place is its people. Kharkov is young, dynamic, fun and very active because it is a city of students. It counts more than a hundred of educational establishments, without taking schools into account. The city is like a live creature; it hears what its inward requires and follows the wishes. In this respect more and more places to go out are opening (like cinemas, theaters, cafes, restaurants etc.) It is a fruitful land for developing and expanding business. In the morning time hundreds of cars heading to their offices so be careful on the roads, drivers can be in rush and ignore the traffic rules.

Getting into

As far as Kharkov is a large city, there exist many ways to get here. If you are in Kiev, the most preferred transport is a taxi. Its advantages overweight a long driving. First of all you won't have to wait any longer at the airport. A driver with a name board will meet you at the airport and bring you to Kharkov in five hours right to your apartment or hotel.

Plane is the fastest form of transport. The flight lasts about 1 hour and a half. Our agency staff driver will meet you at the Kharkov airport to take you to your apartment or hotel.

Another way is to get on Express train. It takes six hours to get over the distance from Kiev to Kharkov. Ticket costs around 25 dollars.  The agency can arrange you a transfer from the train station as well.

And the last option we have not reviewed yet is a bus. They are comfortable and go on regular basis.  But the ride is long and quite exhausting. We can book a ticket for you in advance.

Whatever kind of transport you choose, our staff will be glad to welcome you in our city and make your stay comfortable, easy and unforgettable in a good sense of this word.




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