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Matchmaking service  will help you find ladies on your taste and choose the best one who is definitely right for you. Let us interview a lady for you and find out how much she is sincere and interested in you before you make your trip.

We've often seen men spent long time talking to a single lady and when he came to meet her, he was disappointed or the lady wasn't serious. That's why we work with a client to ensure that ladies are serious and really want to meet.

We provide emails, video chats and telephone conversations.


Here are matchmaking programs which we have been developing for years to get perfect result:

Basic MatchmakingSoul Mate Search


This is our basic starter program. You pick 10 ladies you are interested in. You will be given the option of adding private question for each lady or use the ones mentioned below.  We will interview these ladies for you and let you know if they are interested in you. We will continue till we have 5 ladies who are very interested in you. Once you arrive in Kharkov you will meet you top 2 ladies for FREE. Don't waste you time meeting ladies that are not interested.

Let us talk to the ladies in advance and you will come to Kharkov having some positive result already.

So here is what you get for you money:

We will contact girls that you like from our agency.

We will show these girls your profile and photos' plus any other information you want
We will translate your profile into Russian and place in the office along with your photo for ladies who come to the office to see it.
We will make the arrangements for you to meet your top 2 ladies when you arrive in Kharkov.
We will assign a personal interpreter to you to handle introduction meetings with these 2 ladies
We have 3 matchmakers on staff. Free consultation with any of our matchmakers before you come (e-mails, Skype, telephone) and when you are in Kharkov.

10 day package:

7 day package:

Includes: transfers, Interpreter (at working hours), meetings, The best apartment in the heart of Khakrov Everything mentioned above in the basic Matchmaking plus we will post information about you in the local newspapers and advertise you in our office. Once you arrive in Kharkov you will meet up to 10 ladies on your list for Free.

(Single trip)

This is a complete 10 day-package (7 day-package) that includes your taxi to/from Kharkov airport / train station / bus station to your apartment. 10 days (7 days )in a Ukrainian deluxe apartment, 10 days (7 days) of interpreter service (since 11 am - 7 pm, Monday- Saturday, late hours and Sunday - $10 per hour - additional), All the meeting you can handle. A cell phone rental (usage is not included).


Matchmaking service is used by 15% of our clients and about 60% of our engaged couples are matchmakers. So it clearly shows that soulmate program  is more  helpful in your search.

Questions we ask at the interview:

  1. Do you plan on improving your education in Kharkov?
  2. Do you plan on improving your education abroad?
  3. Are you making an effort to learn English (or any fireign language)?
  4. Do you prefer life in a city or the country?
  5. Are you good at budgeting/spending money wisely?
  6. Do you participate in sports?
  7. Do you like reading?
  8. Are you ready to move to his country?
  9. Can you be married in less than a year?
  10. Do you enjoy learning about other cultures?
  11. If they have a child, do they have full custody of their child and could they easily leave Ukraine without any legal problems?
  12. If you do not speak English well yet, is she making effort now or does she desire to learn more English?
  13. Do you prefer life in a small city or a big city, or she has no preference?
  14. Are you good at budgeting and spending money wisely?
  15. Do you have any family or friends in the abroad?
  16. Are you concerned about any language or cultural barriers?
  17. Have you seriously thought about life in the abroad?
  18. Do you think it is important that a man and a woman have everything in common to be together?
  19. Do you want to work or stay home when you have a family?
  20. Do you prefer home life or going to discos and clubs?
  21. I would like to know a little about their personalities.

You can add any of your questions (up to 10 questions to each lady)


  • If one of the ladies leave the agency we will replace her with the next lady on your list.
  • You will select your top 5 a week before your arrival in Kharkov.
  • Once the Matchmaking service starts you have 1 year to complete it.
  • No Refunds once we start.  Use it or Lose it.
  • Interpreter service is from 11am to 7pm, Monday-Saturday. After these hours surcharge - $10 per hour.
  • Cell phones require a local prepaid service, it depends on you how much you use.
  • Matchmaking service is complete after your first visit. You may not break it into two visits.

Local Newspaper listing

A good choice for men who don't want to have long correspondence.


We post your photo and profile in the most famous local newspapers (5 Kharkov newspapers). Then invite  ladies to come to our office and email you.

Weekly edition - your photo and information about you, what kind of lady you want to meet).

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